After 20 years of  marketing career, 17 of which were spent building a company from a small unknown manufacturer in Northeast Ohio to a reputable company with a sound brand name, I discovered my passion: exploring market potential for small companies and building their growth strategy on top of this solid base.

roots2grow is a boutique consulting firm whose focus is on uncovering core company potential and building healthy strategy on top of these roots:

  • Market opportunity discovery and validation
  • Market positioning and product mix analysis
  • Strategic plan & success metrics

We bring a practical approach to improving your commercial processes and structures making your team more effective without a long-term resource commitment. We specialize in analysis of your market potential helping you and your commercial team define the best go-to-market strategy. The project can be big or small, but our goal is to help you branch out into new growth heights.

Conversations on my site express not only my opinion, but also opinions of my peers, and have the goal of bringing a different sort of thinking on how a small company can be nurtured into a leader in its market space.

Click to download the brochure: What’s roots2grow?

Get in touch with us:

Anna Frolova-Levi, Chief Strategist

email anna@roots2grow.com

call 440-836-3028

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