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Roda Packaging saves time and gains efficiencies as a result of help provided by roots2grow … “Roots2grow took a ‘hands-on’ leadership approach with a customer survey idea we were toying with.
Sensing that our team did not have the time to conduct this project, roots2grow designed the content, validated with Roda Packaging, conducted extensive customer interviews and reported effectively the results.
The information provided to us was a valuable tool in order to better forge the next stage of our development.” StepRODA_emballages-logo-couleurhan Berthiaume, President, Roda Packaging.


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EYE Lighting employed Roots2grow to develop a first-cut list of possible targets for the company to consider as a strategic partner or an outright acquisition. After developing an approach and methodology for conducting such a study, Anna Frolova-Levi of Roots2grow conducted a field study and met with a number of different companies at our industry-wide trade show. Her quick-learning capabilities and razor-sharp acumen allowed her to rapidly and effectively sort through hundreds of potential candidates and develop a short-list of targets that EYE Lighting used for next steps in our decision making. Throughout this project, Anna demonstrated a high level of professionalism and a solid analytical approach for dealing with the special assignment.EYE Lighting logo

Tom Salpietra, President & COO of EYE Lighting International

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