B2B World is changing … decision making journey

Interactive marketing and social media stepping on toes of traditional marketers in B2B sector. It is said that “by 2020, the digital universe is projected to grow from 4.4 trillion gigabytes to 44 trillion gigabytes.” As more information becomes easily available simultaneously to the purchasing decision makers, the number of influencers grow and decision making (and selling) becomes a much more complex process than is currently perceived by B2B sector. Here is a link to a great summary of what is ahead for B2B strategists, CEO’s and marketers: … http://www.mckinsey.com/insights/marketing_sales/

Check the article “Do You Really Understand How Your Business Customers Buy”

2 thoughts on “B2B World is changing … decision making journey

  1. Web is becoming the new telemarketer and is replacing the ‘boiler room’ for creating leads. It is now used as a referral service. However the multiplicity of the offer creates a lot of ‘noise’. We are oscillating towards one end of the scale and I anticipate there will be a new ‘middle ground.


    1. We all are in search for the middle ground and as we all know, one cannot underestimate the importance of human interactions and relationships. The ever changing technology, however, redefines what is “human relationship” and “what can be counted as person-to-person interaction.” Web is no longer a distant doubtful-quality lead generator, it has become an intermediary in human communications, often one-on-one, even more often, one-to-many. The point we are making is that B2B companies can no longer ignore the important influence that the interactive virtual world has in purchasing decision making of the new-generation business people. I invite all to post an example of how you or your company’s purchasing decision was affected by the Social-Media chatter, a review blog or general rating found on the web!


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